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Solar Systems

With the increasing unreliability of the electricity supply in South Africa, solar systems have become increasingly popular for use in homes, factories and business premises as a way to generate electricity and reduce reliance on these traditional energy sources.

A Solar System is a Cost Effective Renewable Energy Solution.

New ways of utilising the natural resources offered by the planet, is one of the most important solutions to our problems. Solar panels (commonly referred to as photovoltaic cells) installed facing the sun and harnessing and storing the energy emitted through the rays, is one of the most cost effective and reliable solutions currently available.

We can help you to determine the size of the  Solar System that you require.

There are various factors to consider when the size of a solar system is calculated:

  • Firstly it is vital to estimate the amount of AC electricity that is needed for the building or business. This can be best be determined by looking at the highest monthly electricity bill from the previous year.
  • Secondly the goal for the Solar System must be stipulated. Will it only be a backup during load shedding or is your desire to be completely independent of Eskom? This decision will be the main factor to determine the solar system’s maximum supply and storage capacity.
  • The next stage is to calculate how many solar panels you’ll need to install in order to generate the required volume of electricity. Our specialists will help you with this calculation.
  • The solar panels should be installed facing north in order to maximise the amount of sunlight that they will be exposed to in a day. Ideally, solar panels can be installed on the roof or in the backyard of the home, business or warehouse. Our experts will also calculate the space you will need to install the solar panels.
  • When it comes to the inverter, the size can be calculated by taking into account the total current that will be used when the system is powered by solar energy, i.e. the sum of the combined maximum input current of all the devices that could be used at the same time.
  • It will be wise to select a battery that will keep you going for double the amount of time that the system requires to rum on the batteries.

The components that make up a Solar System 

A home or business Solar System comprises of several components namely: 

  • Solar Panels: A sufficient number of Solar panels must be installed to collect the required amount of solar energy. 
  • Battery Storage: The Solar system needs a battery that can store sufficient electricity to function at night or in circumstances where there is no power from the grid. The battery capacity will be different for individual clients, depending on their needs..
  • DC to AC inverter:  An inverter is necessary to convert the DC electricity generated into AC power so that it is available to appliances and other devices.
  • Charging Regulator: A charging regulator, which regulates the current that comes from the solar panels, is necessary to charge batteries at a constant voltage and current.
  • Cabling and DB board:Lastly everything needs to be connected to each other with the proper cabling via a DB board
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