We will design an Access Control Solutions to meet your needs

VisioTech Systems

offers a diverse and award-winning range of products and can design a dependable, innovative system for controlling the access of people and vehicles into and out of your business premises and private property, according to your individual needs.

We do

  • Time & Attendance solutions
  • Electronic Access Control
  • Biometric access control
  • Fingerprint and facial devices

Advantages of an Electronic Access Control System:

  • Access allowed/restricted according to time of day or night
  • Assign “master-key” to an authorised employee to lock or open premises or area
  • Comprehensive reporting on employee and visitor movements
  • Integrated database for time and attendance and access control eliminates duplicating work
  • Prevent stock shrinkage and theft by securing access to stock areas
  • Force employees to clock for time and attendance before they can leave the premises

Advantages of Biometric Access Control:

  • Effective access control for both employees and visitors
  • Only allow access to certain areas per employee or visitor
  • Prevent buddy clocking
  • Highlight delays between access points and clocking points
  • Monitor and control breaks
  • Area status window displays staff and/or visitor current access area in real-time
  • Full integration with Payroll Systems
  • Free helpdesk support

Fingerprint Readers

Fingerprint identification is still the most popular and preferred form of biometric recognition.

  • It is highly accurate
  • It is unique and can never be the same for two persons
  • It is the most economical clocking method
  • It is easy to use

Fingerprint clocking units are available for both indoor and outdoor use.

Facial Recognition Readers

Facial recognition is a relatively new technology in the time and attendance sector. It offers clients a safe, effective contactless clocking option because facial templates cannot be duplicated,

Some of the benefits include:

  • Hygienic, touchless solutions
  • Mask detection
  • Fast identification at <1 sec per person
  • Thermal identification options
  • Highly accurate and secure
  • Not light sensitive


Proximity Cards and Tags

 A Contactless Proximity Solution For Your Business

Even with all the new technology on the market today, proximity cards and tags are still very popular and relevant.

  • Proximity clocking units are cost effective and versatile.
  • Proximity cards can be used for clocking at access points as well as a way of identification for staff and visitors.

Proximity cards can be issued to visitors and contractors to allow them access to pre determined areas of your business

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